TAGS: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

If your tags look like this, we can't scan them!

To ensure we are able to sell as many of your items as we can during peak times, without making any errors or missing any items, it is very important that your tags are scannable. Great features of our sale like nightly sales updates and quick check delivery are dependent on scannable barcodes.

So, if you print your tags out and any of them look like these non-scannable examples from past sales, please reprint them before attaching them to your items.


Heavy ink

If the ink is too heavy and the lines on the barcode run together as shown here, the space between the bars is filled in and makes the tag unscannable.

Cut off printing

Notice how the printer has stopped short of printing the entire barcode.

Out of toner

If you are running out of toner on a laser printer or copier, the bars start to lose their integrity. Make sure the lines are crisp and full.  

Linen paper

Please do not use linen paper (the kind resumes are printed on) to print your tags.  The texture on the paper prevents the ink from creating a readable barcode.


Handwritten overrides

Only the information that is computer generated on the tag is accepted. We cannot alter the discount code from no to yes if the information within the system does not match. This also protects you, the seller, from a shopper just coming in with a pen and changing the discount from a no to a yes without your permission.