Tagging Guidelines

Your tags need to be secured

well enough to withstand vigorous shopping!

Price and Size your items:

General pricing guideline is 1/3 to 1/4 of original price for items in excellent condition. Just like the retail world, brand names sell for more. Also, popular or hard to find items sell for more.

PLEASE: Do not use S,M, L or pounds on size, only true sizes please. We need to know where to place your items. Exception: Maternity wear

Please price in 50 cent ($0.50) increments.  

Attaching price tags:
Secure tags to clothing with a safety pin. Most Dollar Tree's have containers of 200 safety pins for $1.00. DO NOT USE TINY GOLD PINS (not sturdy enough), STRAIGHT PINS
(ouch) or STAPLES!

Placement of price tags:

Pin tag to top right of clothing, as you are looking at it. If using a tagging gun, please be careful to only insert the needle at hidden seams in the garment (armpit or waistline) or better yet, put it through the size/care tag in the back of the item so as not to put holes in the garment.  

Kinds of tape to use:

When securing tags to items other than clothing, please use masking tape. Be sure to secure at least 3 sides of tag to item.

** Do NOT use scotch tape; it does not hold well.

** Do NOT use Packaging Tape to secure the tag to the item. Packing tape tends to leave sticky residue on items. You may use packing tape, however, to bundle items together.

Small Items:

Place smaller items in Ziploc type bags. We suggest you tape your price tag INSIDE the bag to ensure it does not get separated. The opening of bag should also be securely closed with packing or masking tape.


Plan to assemble larger furniture items such as beds, cribs, bassinets and pack-n-plays. Most people will not purchase used items such as these without being able to see for themselves the condition of the pieces and whether they assemble together solidly. If your ensemble has multiple pieces, please print additional tags and attach one to each item in the set.  

Please take the time to check for recalls right here on our website.

Car Seats:

For liability reasons we can only accept car seats that have been manufactured within the last 5 years (manufacture date is usually found on the underside of the seat). If your car seat has been involved in an accident of any kind or is on the recall list, do not bother to bring it. We cannot put children at risk and the government has deemed items such as these too dangerous for continued use. Check your car seat for any possible recalls before you bring it in. Straps and cloth liner must be very clean and free of stains. Attach your price tag at the head of the car seat. A Car Seat Checklist must be filled out and presented when dropping off the seat. You can find it here.


All toys should be in working order and have all their pieces. Place smaller parts in Ziploc type bags and adhere them to the main toy with tape or zip ties. Try purchasing Light Duty Ray-O-Vac batteries at Walmart, instead of name brand batteries, to make those toys walk, talk and sing! Packs of these go for $.99.  Outside toys are especially popular at these events, especially the spring sale. So, don’t forget to look out in your yard for those sand boxes, climbers, pools, sports equipment, and outdoor play centers that are no longer being used!  

Potty Items:

Diaper pails and training seats must be very clean. A bleach and hot water soak can be used on diaper pails to rid them of the terrible odor they are accustomed to. Make sure all potty items are free of "residue" and potty odor. If they come in dirty, we will not accept them for consignment.  

DVDs/VHS Tapes/Books:

DVDs must be brought to the event with some sort of protective case. For books sold in multiples, place them in a bag and attach the price tag to the inside of the bag.  Or you can use twine to tie them together like a package and attach your price tag to the string. Books should not be ripped, marked or severely worn.  We do not accept VHS tapes for consignment. Sorry, but there just isn't a resale market for them and they would take up much needed space. We encourage you to donate them to your local children's after-school program or shelter.  


Shoes should be in very good condition and clean. If they're not, you'll most likely be taking them back home with you at the end of the event. Take time to clean the mud off cleats. To keep shoes together you can tie their strings, pin them to each other, or something more creative..use zip ties or pipe cleaners threaded through the laces to keep them together. As for the price tags, punch a hole in the tag and feed one of the laces (or a zip tie) through it or use Masking Tape to secure it to the bottom of the shoes. To make sure your item does not end up on the lost tag table, you may want to write your seller code on the bottom of any shoes.

Please, no used underwear.