Shift Descriptions

Our volunteers make it all possible!

General Description of the type of volunteer opportunities available.

Flier / Advertisement Distribution - Volunteers will be distributing fliers and/or business cards throughout their local community at predetermined locations to be credited as having worked a shift. There is a one shift max credit available through this option. Vehicular transportation and some walking involved. (distribution of at least 15 fliers = 1 shift)

Set-up - Volunteers will be unloading the trailer, setting up racks, tables, placing signage and more to get ready for the sale. Can be exciting to see it all come together! We could really use some strong men here, if any of your hubbies are available.

Check-In Assistance - Volunteers will be assisting with the check-in of all merchandise. As sellers enter the facility you will be inspecting their items to ensure they adhere to Just Kids Resale's tagging and condition policies, and verifying Car Seat Checklists are filled out for any car seat being sold.

Pre-Sale - Volunteers will be completing all last minute preparations to ensure a smooth Pre-Sale Event. You will be making sure all items are placed in the correct areas, monitoring entry into the sale to ensure only those with appropriate passes are allowed admission, assisting shoppers and helping with check-out procedures to include removal of tags and bagging merchandise.

Public Sale - Volunteers will be helping in one of several capacities:

Sorting - Volunteers for this shift will be sorting any items remaining, at the conclusion of the event, by seller number. This shift is for the person who has great attention to detail (as we have to guarantee items are sorted accurately) and is a fast paced shift with a good bit of walking and occasional lifting. I guarantee it'll be a fast 3 hours, though, as we are hustling!

Tear Down - Volunteers during this shift will be directing sellers to their unsold items during "Pick-Up" and helping to restore the rental facility to "as found" condition. Volunteers will be required to do occasional lifting as tables and chairs have to be moved and repositioned throughout the room. This is the only shift that promises to let you go home before your time is up should everything be completed! :)

Our Volunteer Policy


Events such as Just Kids Resale depend upon on a reliable volunteer force to ensure a positive experience for all involved. As such, we must reluctantly place guidelines and parameters around your participation.

-You should plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled shift. This allows time for sign in, receipt of your name tag and apron and any instructions necessary for the position you will be filling.

-Should a scheduling conflict occur, it is your responsibility to find a suitable volunteer replacement. Failure to show up for your volunteer commitment will result in:

1) Reduction of your sales share by 5% for each shift missed beginning at the 70% level.

2) Your inability to consign or volunteer for any Just Kids Resale event for a period of 1 year.

Of course, emergencies do happen. Should you experience an emergency or extenuating circumstance that makes you unable to work your shift, please call Gena Henry at (814) 470-3159 at your earliest convenience.

**Please, DO NOT call if it is not an emergency. It is your responsibility to find a replacement to work your shift if you are not able to fulfill your commitment.