Pricing Strategies

"The Consignment Sale Queen", Steph Seibert, has been selling, shopping, volunteering and helping run Metro-Atlanta’s oldest Children’s Consignment Sale, All 4 Kids, for the past 15 years.

Below is her personal pricing strategy. I've found it very thorough, insightful and sure to help you get the most money out of your tagging effort. Please note that these are only guidelines. You are free to price your items any way you wish. Our goal in providing this information is to help you understand the purchasing mindset of shoppers of this sort of event. We want you to be successful and walk away from this experience with a much fatter wallet!

Just Kids Resale comments are printed in BLUE ink below. (Used with Permission)

-Gena Henry, Owner: Just Kids Resale

Steph Seibert:

I have constantly sold 80-90% of my items every year. Paired with the way I shop, I actually turn a profit even after my kids have worn the clothes for a year or two. There are two major factors to my success:

1. I’m not brand loyal. My kids don’t have to have Gap, Gymboree, or Banana Republic. If I find these in my price range, GREAT! But if not, I don’t mind dressing them in Cherokee or even Geranimals.

2. My kids don’t shop with me. Until they have jobs of their own and are making their own money they don’t get to be picky with their clothes. Don’t get me wrong: My kids really dress pretty stylish with the times and are not in rags. But more of that later. This is a general guide to help you price your items. Please understand you may want to take in account your location and the type of children's consignment sale you're selling with. Also this guide does not apply to boutique items.