Help Spread the Word!

Paid advertising is great, but little can match the coverage we get when fans like you take fliers to your places of business, friends, schools, & more & post them for all to see.

Thank you for any advertising you may do for the event!

Just print off one or more of the flyers below and carry them with you around town.  But, please be sure to ask permission before posting in places of business.

More visibility = More shoppers = More $ for you!

This is probably the best flyer for most public locations as people can just tear off a slip and take home to research later.

Feel free to print in black/white.

Hint: When posting, staple multiple copies together and pre-cut the bottom slits so that there are always plenty and they can be easily removed.

3 per page flyer.pdf

This flyer is great for preschools or any place where you'll be handing out separate copies to multiple individuals. Print this flyer and you'll have 3 handouts per page. Just cut and hand them out!

This is also a great flyer for public locations as it is more colorful and distinctive.  Use particularly where access to the actual flyer itself is limited (i.e. behind glass)

tear-off-bottoms.pdf flier - color.pdf