About Us

Hi!  I'm Gena Henry, owner of Just Kids Resale, and pictured above is my amazing family, the 3 boys of which are the motivation and inspiration for this venture.

I began shopping consignment sales like this one back in 2001 when I was expecting my first child and quickly discovered how much money I could save.  As someone who's always looking for a great deal, I fell in love with them and began volunteering at the events so I could SHOP EARLY!       

Then in 2004 my husband's career path required we leave Atlanta and move to Milwaukee, WI.  To my disappointment, unlike down South where there were literally dozens of these events within a 45 minute radius each year, they were unheard of up there.  So, having some visibility as to how they were run, I decided to put one on myself and started All About Kids in the spring of 2005.

Then in 2006, my husband was presented with an offer to move to State College, where we would only be 2 hours away from both sides of our families.  We couldn't pass it up.  I sold my business and determined that I would just start one again when we arrived here. It took a couple of years (I got pregnant with our 3rd child shortly after arriving here), but in the spring of 2009 Just Kids Resale was born.

Raising children can be expensive.  

Just Kids Resale is here to help make the journey more affordable.

Just Kids Resale is a semi-annual children's and maternity consignment event. Our mission is to: