JKR’s Spectacular, Private


Now ANYONE can attend our Pre-Sale Event and have the

chance to shop all the amazing deals before we open to the public!

A limited number of passes are being sold

That allow you to SHOP FROM 7 - 10 PM

On our Pre-Sale day.

Tickets are on sale, first come, first served, for $10 each.

A portion of your $10 is always donated to the Local Charity

we support each season.

The (not so) Fine Print:


1) This event would not be possible without our amazing volunteers and thus, they always get to shop before anyone else.  Thus, your ticket does not reflect the absolute earliest entry time.

2) Pre-Sale Passes admit one individual.   Carried babies are Free.  

3) Because of the narrow aisles, large crowds and fire code/safety concerns, please note that Just Kids Resale does not permit children at the Wednesday evening Pre-Sale UNLESS they are carried in a front/back carrier of some sort.  Strollers/Car Seats are not permitted.

Click here to purchase your 
Pre-sale Pass!